DMC-L :Embedded Linux based EtherCAT Controller

  • Fast response time based on Real-Time Linux (Xenomai 2.6.5)

  • Real-Time EtherCAT Master stack with 2ms cycle time

  • Easily build GUI applications with the latest version of QT 4.8.7

  • Robot motion controller (coreCon) software can be installed

  • Connecting Teach Pendant (Mobile Panel) or Graphic Panel via HDMI or Ethernet

  • Supports various devices such as EtherCAT Master, Ethernet, RS-485

  • High-speed nonvolatile memory device (M-RAM)

  • High performance, small size, light weight, low power

  • Certifications: KC, CE, ISO 9001, ISO 14001

Technical info

  • ARM Cortex-A9 – 1GHz
  • DDR3 1GB
  • USB, SD Card
  • Communicate with controllor : CAN, RS-485, Ethernet, EtherCAT
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DIO-32A : EtherCAT Slave I/O Units

  • European type terminal block easy to put on and take off

  • Freely selectable two isolated 16 port In/Out modules

  • Wide I/O input power (Max. 30Vdc), supports 350mA(ch) transistor output

  • EtherCAT dedicated I/O module

  • Compact size for easy installation

  • Bi-directional input port, NPN transistor output port support

  • Built-in reverse voltage, overcurrent and overheat protection

  • Various installation methods such as DIN rail and bolt direct fastening

Technical info

  • DMC-DIN32A – Input : 32 Channels
  • DMC-DOUT32A – Output : 32 Channels
  • DMC-DIO32A – Input : 16 Channels & Output : 16 Channels
  • Communicate with controllor : EtherCAT Input, EtherCAT Output
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