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DTP-EX : Teach Pendant

  • The DTP-Explosion proof, which is an explosion-proof Teach Pendant, is a product that received the IEC Ex Certificate, an international explosion-proof mutual certification. It limits the current supplied to the T / P so that intrinsic safety explosion and safety explosion prevention structure . Therefore, it can be used in the painting process, chemical, light metal processing, etc., which have the risk of explosion. All of the safety switches (EMG, Enabling, Select) of this T / P are redundant and all are designed with a hard-wired structure to safely stop the equipment by shutting off the motor power in case of danger.
    The controller and the communication are Ethernet type, and it is possible to monitor various information such as teaching, editing work, present position / IO signal in the explosion proof area by using the color liquid crystal touch panel manufactured according to explosion proof standard.

Common Technical Info

  • 7” 1024 x 600 TFT LCD & Touch
  • Emergency switch * 1
  • 3 Level Enabling switch * 1
  • Select switch * 1
  • Start switch * 1
  • Power-on switch * 1
  • Jog (+,-) Key  : 16
  • Direction Key  : 4
  • Function Key  : 7
  • Number Key  : 10
  • Speed Key  : 4
  • Mode Key  : 6
  • Control Key  : 7
  • Download the product guide for the DAINCUBE DTP-EX here. (Click QR Code recognition or Download button)

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