DGW : Fieldbus Gateway

  • CC-Link(Slave) to EtherCAT(Slave) Gateway

  • EtherNet/IP(Scanner) to EtherCAT(Slave) Gateway

  • Minimize cable connections

  • Robot Motion Controller can be to main PLC

  • Certification: KC, CE, ISO 9001, ISO 14001

  • Passed” CC-Link conformance test

Technical info ▼

  • Supports CC-Link(Slave) from/to EtherCAT(Slave) Gateway function

  • Supports EtherNet/IP(Scanner) from/to EtherCAT(Slave) Gateway function

  • Robot Motion Controller can be connected to upper PLC

  • PLC examples: FANUC, MITSUBISHI, etc.

  • Minimize cable connections by sending and receiving I/O data between two networks with LAN cable

  • Reduced wiring, work and space saving

  • Contribution to shortening development period and cost reduction

  • Error diagnosis function by LED

  • DIN Rail type for easy installation

Field-bus Gateway-DGW
  • Download the product guide for the DAINCUBE DGW here. (Click QR Code recognition or Download button)

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