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DTP3 : Teach Pendant

  • Low cost, light, compact size (Under 300g wight)

  • Cost-effective price more than in-house Teach pendant

  • Easy & simple GUI implementation not developing extra T/P

  • programs but using serial user interface

  • IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is provided by STMicro STM32

Technical info ▼

  • 3.5″ 320 x 240 resolution

  • ARM Cortex-M4 – 180MHz

  • SRAM 256KB / USB storage

  • Communicates with controller : RS-485

  • Emergency stop switch, 3 level Enabling switch, Select switch

  • Jog dial, 45 keys

  • Visualizing GUI only with controller program without developing extra programs.

  • Visualizing easy GUI, efficiently and intuitively understandable.

  • Allows the transmission of data through RS-485.

Technical info ▼

  • Supports the use figure and text. (text, textbox, rectangle, circle, screen clear)

  • Allows the control buzzer and LED.

  • Support font size (8,10,13,16,20,24,32) and bold fonts.

  • Able to transmit keypad and jog dial to controllers.

  • Supporting various languages and USB memory.