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DTP7H-coreCon : Robot Motion Controller

  • Has built-in Teach Pendant.

  • Supported with EtherCAT Master.

  • Supported EtherCAT slave device of various venders.

  • Easy to change setting and use same UI for various robot type

  • With coordinates of joint / base / tool, it can teach the robot and edit job program.

  • Easy to program using robot languages without programming like C / C++.

  • Supporting rich robot languages.

  • CE certifications

Robot Motion Controller : DTP7H-coreCon

Technical info

  • ARM Cortex-A9 – 1GHz
  • DDR3 1GB
  • USB, SD Card
  • Communicates with controller : RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet, EtherCAT

coreCon Software technical info

  • EtherCAT Master interface
  • Real-time OS (Xenomai)
  • Robot methodology (Cartesian, SCARA, Delta, Vertical multi-axis, Take-out, Gantry and WTR, etc.)
  • Operating mode (Teach / Repeat / Manual)
  • Function of system logging & EtherCAT monitoring
  • Supporting rich robot languages (motion, I/O, function, structure, calculation, variable number, invariable number)
Download Brief
Robot Motion Controller : DTP7H-coreCon

coreCon :Setting & Configuration

  1. Setting

  1. Jogging (Teaching)

  1. Programming

  1. Run (Repeat)

coreCon : Robot job programming

  1. How to create on controller

  1. How to create on PC

coreCon : Reference