coreDev : Custom Development Software


coreDev provides User Interface/Robot Language/Motion/Control Algorithms in plug-in form to the motion controller(i.e. coreCon) and provides S/W and development environment for easy development.
It provides a user S/W development environment for the development of Kinematics and Motions,
Control Algorithms and Custom UI of the user robot along with coreCon-supported Teaching, Job Programming Language, Motion Control, Monitoring, and Setting Functions.
coreDev is designed as a plug-in Real-Time task operation structure and works with coreCon’s builtin
function to enable the user’s professional application development.
In addition, information provided by the coreCon API(e.g. joint position/velocity/acceleration, End-
Effector’s position/Orientation, torque feedback from motors, control parameters, etc.) can be used
to effectively apply and develop the robot of the user algorithm.


  • All coreCon’s S/W functions available (teaching, job programming, monitoring, motion control etc.)
  • Real-Time plug-in structure
  • Supports EtherCAT Master, Multi-Axis and Synchrnized Real-Time Control
  • Supports the Real-Time S/W development including QT based Custom UI, Custom Motions, Custom Kinematics, and Custom Control Algorithms etc.
  • User designed motions and digital filters can be developed
  • C/C++ Standard Language Usage
  • Open source math lib (such as Eigen) available and built
  • Supports the torque operation mode for dynamic based control such as the impedance control or the gravity compensation
  • Provides PID sample source and porting guide of PID code for ROS
  • Provides full-source codes for 6-axis robot’s forward and inverse kinematics
  • Provide all documents for Linux development environment based on VMware Features


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  Custom Applications

  • Custom UI : User-specific UI with custom design
  • Custom Language : Custom languages and command change
  • Custom Motions : Interface for user motions such as cubic / B-spline, open motion lib(OMPL) other than built-in trapezoidal and s-curve motion profiles.
  • Custom Kinematics : Forward/inverse kinematics for user designed robots such as redundant robot or cobot etc.
  • Custom Algorithms : Supports for torque based controller such as the impedance control or the gravity compensation.

▶ coreCon

Robot Kinematics

  • Kinematics : Catesian, SCARA, Delta, Vertical articulated, Gantry, Take out, WRT, Custom

Safty Features

  • Emergency Stop : Switch or chain I/O
  • Enable Switch : Teach pendant enabling switch, Hold to run
  • Teach Lock : O

Robot Funtion & Language

  • Operation Mode : Teach, Repeat
  • Program Excution : Run, Stop, Hold, Continue, Step, Repeat count, Set
  • Coordinate System : Joint, Base, Tool, Work
  • Speed Settings : Percentage(%), Overrideing speed (mm/s, sec)
  • Motion Command : Joint, Linear, Circular, Interrupt motion
  • Multi-task : Motion task x 1 / Non-moiton task x 4
  • CP (continous path) : Fly-by point, Accuracy range (mm)
  • IO Command : Digital, Analog, Pulse out
  • Program Control Instruction : If, Do, While, For, Call, Switch, Goto
  • Variable / Array : O / O
  • Jog : Conticous, Pitch
  • Program Editor : Copy, Paste, Cut, Undo, Redo, Move step, Move pos
  • Special Funtion : Conveyor tracking, Vision, World Zone, Z-Axis compensation


  Control System

  • CPU : i.MX6Q: Quad, 1.0GHz Cortex-A9 core
  • Memory : DDR3 800MHz 1GB
  • Storage : MLC type eMMC 8GB Flash
  • Flash : M-RAM 2MB or 512KB(option)
  • SPI Flash : 4MB SPI NOR Flash (user area)
  • Communication : EtherCAT x 1 / Ethernet x 1 / RS-485 x 1
  • Power Consumption : 500mA (Max) @ 24VDC
  • OS : Embedded Linux 4.1.15 / Build tool: Qt 4.8.7  / Xenomai: 2.6.5
  • Programming: C, C++, C#, Java
  • GUI: Qt Creator
  • EtherCAT Master: TwinCAT, Xenomai
  • Standard coreCon Robot library provided
  • Custom Robot library production possible
  • Standard coreCon program provided
  • Custom Instruction provided
  • EtherCAT interface provided


Download the product guide for the DAINCUBE coreDEV here. (Click QR code recognition or Download button)




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