coreDev : Custom develop software


coreDev is a toolkit that includes plug-in style development environment of coreCon, which is an industrial motion control S/W, and supports all coreCon’s functions(such as Teaching, Job Programming Language, Motion Control, Monitoring).

It also provides all S/W environments for the development of User Algorithms(Kinematics, Motion, Control) and Custom UI.

coreDev is designed with a real-time task structure and works with coreCon’s Built-In functions to enable professional application development of users.

In addition, user algorithms can be effectively applied and developed for the robot system using information from the coreCon API (e.g. joint’s position/velocity/acceleration, end-effector’s position/direction, motor’s torque feedback, control parameters etc.).


  • All coreCon’s S/W functions available(teaching, job programming, monitoring, motion control etc.)
  • Real-Time plug-in structure
  • Supports EtherCAT Master, Multi-Axis and Synchrnized Real-Time Control
  • Supports the Real-Time S/W development including QT based Custom UI, Custom Motion, Custom
  • Kinematics, and Custom Control Algorithms etc.
  • User designed motions and digital filters can be developed
  • C/C++ Standard Language Usage
  • Open source math lib (such as Eigen) available and built
  • Supports the torque operation mode for dynamic based control such as the impedance control or the gravity compensation
  • Provides PID sample source and porting guide of PID code for ROS
  • Provides full-source codes for 6-axis robot’s forward and inverse kinematics
  • Provide all documents for Linux development environment based on VMware


▶ coreDev

  Custom Applications

  • Custom UI : User-specific UI with custom design
  • Custom Language : Custom languages and command change
  • Custom Motions : Interface for user motions such as cubic / B-spline, open motion lib(OMPL) other than built-in trapezoidal and s-curve motion profiles.
  • Custom Kinematics : Forward/inverse kinematics for user designed robots such as redundant robot or cobot etc.
  • Custom Algorithms : Supports for torque based controller such as the impedance control or the gravity compensation.

▶ coreCon

Robot Kinematics

  • Kinematics : Catesian, SCARA, Delta, Vertical articulated, Gantry, Take out, WRT, Custom

Safty Features

  • Emergency Stop : Switch or chain I/O
  • Enable Switch : Teach pendant enabling switch, Hold to run
  • Teach Lock : O

Robot Funtion & Language

  • Operation Mode : Teach, Repeat
  • Program Excution : Run, Stop, Hold, Continue, Step, Repeat count, Set
  • Coordinate System : Joint, Base, Tool, Work
  • Speed Settings : Percentage(%), Overrideing speed (mm/s, sec)
  • Motion Command : Joint, Linear, Circular, Interrupt motion
  • Multi-task : Motion task x 1 / Non-moiton task x 4
  • CP (continous path) : Fly-by point, Accuracy range (mm)
  • IO Command : Digital, Analog, Pulse out
  • Program Control Instruction : If, Do, While, For, Call, Switch, Goto
  • Variable / Array : O / O
  • Jog : Conticous, Pitch
  • Program Editor : Copy, Paste, Cut, Undo, Redo, Move step, Move pos
  • Special Funtion : Conveyor tracking, Vision, World Zone, Z-Axis compensation

▶ Hardware

  Control System

  • CPU : i.MX6Q: Quad, 1.0GHz Cortex-A9 core
  • Memory : DDR3 800MHz 1GB
  • Storage : MLC type eMMC 8GB Flash
  • Flash : M-RAM 2MB or 512KB(option)
  • SPI Flash : 4MB SPI NOR Flash (user area)
  • Communication : EtherCAT x 1 / Ethernet x 1 / RS-485 x 1
  • Power Consumption : 500mA (Max) @ 24VDC
  • OS : Embedded Linux 4.1.15 / Build tool: Qt 4.8.7  / Xenomai: 2.6.5
  • Programming: C, C++, C#, Java
  • GUI: Qt Creator
  • EtherCAT Master: TwinCAT, Xenomai
  • Standard coreCon Robot library provided
  • Custom Robot library production possible
  • Standard coreCon program provided
  • Custom Instruction provided
  • EtherCAT interface provided