DGW : Fieldbus Gateway

  • DGW provides communication between “Ether CAT and EtherNet/IP” or “EtherCAT and the CCLink” devices. In case of using FANUC PLC(of EtherNet/IP) or MITSUBISHI PLC(of CC-Link) as host controller, you can implement I/O information transmission and reception with EtherCAT-based Robot Motion Controller via DGW. DGW allows the connection between PLC and the Robot Motion Controller by a single LAN cable, which reduces costs and increases maintenance
    efficiency through simple wiring, space efficiency, and saves time developing communication programs by establishing a network between EtherCAT and EtherNet/IP or CC-Link. In addition, the error status of the communication can be easily diagnosed through the external LED, and it is easy to install in the control box by adopting the DIN rail mounting method.

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DIO-32A : EtherCAT Slave I/O Units

  • The DIO-32A is an industrial slave input / output product that supports EtherCAT, providing flexible mounting and efficient daisy-chain connectivity for I/O channel configurations. Input/Output 16 channels maximize convenience in selecting and using freely according to the customer’s needs, and each module is designed to be insulated to ensure optimal reliability even in harsh working conditions. It provides easy installation and detachment by adopting Euro type detachable terminal block and also provides status monitoring function through LED, which helps users to maintain the system.
    Especially, compact size and DIN rail mount kit make it easy to work on the electricity field.

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